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An enjoyable walk takes some planning. Best done in comfort with a map you need to be able to translate what you can see on the map into what you will find on the ground. You also need to know where the law allows you to walk, or not. 

Once your walk is planned, and the D's of navigation (destination, direction, distance, duration and description) have been considered then you will need to head out into the countryside and follow your plan

I believe that navigation is a practical skill, difficult to assess formally and instruction depends greatly on the experience, confidence and needs of the student. I aim to tailor any courses to meet your navigational needs, wherever you want to walk.

Walking in rural areas.

With a short theory session and lots of boots on practice you will learn how to read a map, plan and implement a route. You'll also learn some legal stuff about rights of way and Access land.

This is normally taught in countryside near Wincanton but I can travel to an area of your choice in the UK.

The cost for any instruction is £75 per person per day, subject to a minimum of £150 per day. 

Maximium group size is six.

Local travel is included.

'I just wanted to say thank you for the course, I did enjoy the weekend and the map work with such a nice group of ladies. We are looking forward to some properly planned walks in the holidays.

Lesley, June 2021  

Heading into the Wilderness?

Building on basic map reading, route planning and following skills you will learn different techniques with a compass, and more in depth understanding of landscape features and their representation on the map.

Some of the techniques can be learned and practiced in lowland areas, but to put it to the test we will need to travel elsewhere. Exmoor, Dartmoor offer great opportunities in the South West. There are lots of places throughout the UK we can go as well


'This is amazing, I am actually using a compass'

Emily, October 2019  Bronze Award.

Navigation: Tour Packages

I joined Katherine’s navigation course because I wanted to improve my confidence at following a map and learn how to use a compass. The training has made a huge difference and I picked up so many useful tips. Katherine was patient and knowledgeable, and the group really supportive, so it didn’t matter if I made mistakes! 
I can’t wait to plan my next walk and keep practicing my new skills. Thoroughly recommended! 

Sue   Jan 2019 

I thought I'd drop you a line to say once again thank you so much for the fantastic navigation course and opening up a whole new world of maps for me.

I really appreciated your clarity and patience which made it feel okay to make mistakes or head off in the wrong direction occasionally. I feel like I learnt a lot over two days  My confidence in tracking pathways and understanding of the landscape around me has definitely improved too. 

Amanda  Jan 2019  

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