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Over the last few years it has become apparent to me that women take something subtly different from a walk than men. Women tend to be less goal orientated and although they gain satisfaction on reaching a summit or completing a walk, the getting there is just as important. Women like to chatter and pause to admire the view or identify a flower or bird, whereas men like to march on to the conclusion. 

There is also a tendency, and I do this too even though I’m leading the walk, for women to follow men. It’s not just because they walk more slowly, but somehow it’s OK for the men to take charge. By running women only sessions we can learn to take charge.

When it comes to navigation techniques, the sexes have different approaches, starting with which way up to hold the map. In a women only group, you can hold the map whichever way up you want.

As a female walking guide and mountain leader (one of a few) I am able to offer walks and navigation training in a women only environment.

Exclusively for Women: Tour Packages

There are a multitude of reasons why there are fewer women walking in the great outdoors, lack of confidence and being worried about getting lost amongst others. Let me help you to overcome these two, and perhaps other difficulties as well.

Many women have expressed a fear of wild camping, of being alone, far from civilisation, overnight. Let me explain how I overcame these fears, and accompany you on an overnight wilderness adventure.

All of the activities offered by The Walking Woman can be women only by request. Just get in touch and lets get out there.

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