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Walking in Wessex: Tour Packages

Some of My Favourite Walks


A stunning ridgewalk from a proposed site of Camelot. Fantastic for dogs there are extensive views over Somerset to Devon. Easy walking for the most part but a couple of steep ups and downs on the way. There is a pub at the start/finish and at the half way point.



With stunning Views of Wiltshire and Dorset, the Wiltshire downs offer a variety of routes taking in ancient woodland, chalk grassland with its special plants, Wiltshire villages, iron age barrows, and the site of a Roman villa. 
Particularly awesome in the spring when the bluebells are in flower, a short walk can fit into an evening.

Historic Sherborne. Two walks, one with views of both of Sherborne's Castles and Deer Park, the other to discover the origins of one of our favourite vegetables.


I have been a member of the walking group established in Bruton by Katherine for nearly three years now.I have really enjoyed Katherine 's company,finding her to be a calm,friendly leader of many excellent walks which she has researched thoroughly beforehand.She has used social media to advertise activities which has made it ultra easy for people to stay in touch.She has a great sense of humour and has proved herself to be entirely responsible and reliable.


I have been on many walks with Katherine over the years.  The walks are well-planned and we have full information on what to expect.  I would not walk without my dog and and delighted that dogs are welcome on the walks.  The dogs all get on well.  Katherine is friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring all the group get the best from the walk.

World War Two defences around the beautiful City of Wells.

Walking in Wessex: Reviews
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