This Freelance Stuff is Hard Work.

Well, I was unsure I would be able to make it as a freelance instructor, but so far so good.

June found me mostly in the Chiltern working on Bronze D of E assessments, a week of GCSE exam marking kept me indoors but there was also time to paint the outside of our house and take myself off to the Brecons for the day.

In July it has really kicked off.

Four days in the beautiful Forest of Dean, lots of new paths and two amazing campsites to re visit with the Walking Woman.

Then to the equally beautiful South Wales Coast Path from Ogmore by Sea to Llantwit Major for a Bronze expedition. I went to University in Cardiff many years ago and had no idea I was so close to such a lovely bit of coastline.

Then swiftly on to Northumberland and four days walking on and around Hadrians wall as The Walking Womans first expedition. My client was very patient acting as a guinea pig for me, she gave me lots of really useful feedback on what I should be doing. Perhaps you could be my next client...

and its still only half way through the month!

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