Not Quite a Holiday.

Part Two: Scotland.

After squashing all available apples we headed up the M6 to Scotland. We pretty much left the lovely sunny weather behind.

My first task was to gather provisions, this involves visiting the small town of Girvan. Girvan has a lovely small harbour and still some fishing industry. It also has a lovely seafront and beach which I usually walk along before hitting the supermarket.

This time, although from the car the beach looked lovely,

on closer inspection the sand was moving fast, blown by the wind

and leaving the beach. Walking was impossible, in minutes my eyes, hair and even my ears were full of sand.

So on to the shops.

Walking around the village of Barr, on the Barr Trails, whilst dodging the rain was as lovely as ever. Still some autumn colour in the trees, and the lovely silvery sunshine picking out the grey bark of the beech trees.

Sunshine on Beech trees along Barr Trails

and shining on the track along the other side of the valley leading to the Fairy Knowe trail.

Sheep grazing along the Barr Trails

It was sad to see some of the damage done by Storm Ali in September, the storm which tried to blow me off the Pennine Way. The lovely tree on the hillside below the devils footprints now lying on the ground.

A fallen beech tree on the hillside.

Apart from the walks around the village, most of the week was spent looking after the house, giving it some much needed TLC.

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