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2021, What a Year!

Writing my christmas cards, all I could think of to say was 'all is much the same here' or 'like everyone else, nothing much has happened' . Yet, when I look back, I did a lot of walking in lockdown, and once allowed out I went a little crazy, drove miles up and down the country to get back to the moors and hills which I missed so much. I even managed a mountain top wild camp. D of E training and assessments went crazy too, with schools catching up on missed expeditions. So it wasn't all bad. Yesterday we went on a long local walk, combining some of my favourite views to blow away 2021. We aimed for 10 miles, but ended up with only 8 as the muddy going slowed us down considerably. Still we ended the year with fresh air and laughter. Here's to more in 2022.

Picnic lunch on Corton Hill.

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