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Three days in Somerset

A challenging walk from Dunkery Beacon to Nether Stowey, Inspired by The Coleridge Way

Starting at the highest point in Somerset, Dunkery Beacon ending at Nether Stowey, a walk of about 30 miles, divided into three walks of 10 miles each. Partly following the Coleridge way but diverting at times to maximise the views this walk involves some uphill sections.

Day 1 Dunkery Beacon to Luxborough

Day 2 Luxborough to Stogumber

Day 3 Stogumber to Nether Stowey.

Accomodation on the walk is available at


For a thoroughly relaxing stomp over the hills go for all three days in a row. Break it up and rest and explore between walks, or choose one of the three days

How much does it cost
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