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The Hills of Somerset.

Walking over the edge of Exmoor, the Brendon Hills and the Quantock Hills. Inspired by the Coleridge way. Three good days guided walking from Dunkery Beacon to Nether Stowey.

The Itinary

Friday 10th We start our journey at Dunkery Hill, following the Macmillan trail to the summit of Somerset, Dunkery Beacon. We  then walk south over the edge of Exmoor crossing the River Avill then dropping down to Wheddon Cross. From here we climb again over the Brendon Hills before descending to Luxborough.  9.35 miles

Saturday 11th, Today we walk through the Brendon Hills and face some steep slopes, both up and down before arriving at Stogumber.   9.5 miles.

 Sunday 12th, We walk  the final section of our journey leaving the Coleridge way to take a route over the top of the Quantocks. We cross an iron age fort before rejoining the way for the final couple of miles into Nether Stowey and Coleridge’s Cottage (NT)

9.5 miles

The Hills of Somerset: Tour Packages
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