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walking on the Somerset levels


Easy lowland walking on established footpaths and can be anywhere in the UK. Try a day walk or cover a longer distance over two or more days. You can choose the area, and your own style of accommodation. 



Walking on more challenging ground.  Expect some open ground and possibly hills. Consider the areas below. Again you can choose the area and your style of accomodation.

The Long Myndd
the Black Mountains from a wallk


Walking over challenging terrain, possibly Dartmoor or the Brecon Beacons.  Maybe more mountainous areas of Snowdonia or Scotland might appeal. Try short challenging trips or long distance footpaths. Comfortable accomodation with baggage transfer or perhaps try wild camping for overnight expeditions, but you'll have to be prepared to carry all you need with you.

Two suggested national trails are;

Tried and Tested Expeditions


Hadrian's Wall July 2018
This was a lovely holiday break. As I run a B&B business it was especially arranged to be between weekends. This was all part and parcel of Katherine's meticulous planning. She picked me up fro home with a car containing all - and I mean all - we needed for the week.
Katherine had chosen a campsite which was central for the sections of wall we covered. I was slightly nervous of camping as I haven't done it for years now, but it was as lovely as I have ever known it and far more comfortable. The mattress was deliciously soft, the gas camping stove was faultless and even toasted bread. I am not used to such luxuries on site, particularly as Katherine did the cooking. We had table and chairs under a roomy shelter in case it rained. it didn't rain but the shelter provided shade from the incredibly sunny weather. We arrived at Green carts campsite with enough time to fit in a short walk along the wall that afternoon, no delayed gratification, we even had smoked salmon for supper and I was able to access wifi, important for me.
The walks Katherine planned were all easily accessed from the campsite and covered a continuous section of the wall. The dedicated bus service meant we didn't have to walk the routes two ways. So I visited all the places friends and relatives told me I should see, Chesters, Housteads Fort Vindolanda and the sycamore tucked into a dip in the wall. I noted that on the first full day of walking I had to take the hills very slowly but by the last day I barely noticed them. Although the daily walks were carefully planned they plans were flexible so we could walk down to VIndolanda and have lunch in the restuarant there, quite outside the original planning and still follow the wall from where we left off the next day.
Thank you very much for a glorious, effortless holiday, Roll on Offa's dyke!


Brecon Beacons June 2018
I spent a great day with Katherine in the Brecon Beacons. I'd highly recommend a trip to the mountains with her, to anyone who wants to get out and explore with a friendly, relaxed and experienced leader. She can tailor an adventure for you, whatever your ability or experience, and you're guaranteed a good chat from someone with a passion for life and for the great outdoors.

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